Under the Influence: Maria Cornejo

Maria Cornejo is best known for her eco-conscious fashion design and her incredible stores in Los Angeles and New York City, Zero + Maria Cornejo. The company expresses that "timelessness, ease, and a modern take on luxury are the essence of Zero + Maria Cornejo and the women who love the clothes." They also keep a loyal following of clients including Tilda Swinton, Christy Turlington Burns, Cindy Sherman and First Lady Michelle Obama." We were beyond thrilled when the opportunity arose to participate in a month long "shop-in-shop" at her Los Angeles location from April threw May of 2019. Maria continues to be an inspiration at Sunny's Pop and for Sunrise Ruffalo and is why she is featured as one of the many artists we are influenced by. 

1. What is your favorite part of the creative process?

My favorite part is collaborating with my team, doing fittings and seeing fabric drape on the body. Of course, the finished product is exciting, but I love the process to get there.


2. What is your favorite creation that you have brought to existence?

Other than my family, I would have to say my company. It’s always a work in progress.


3. What aesthetic are you most drawn to?

Organic modernism.


4. What is your favorite room in the home?

The kitchen because it looks out into my garden.


5. What is your favorite design from Sunny’s Pop?

I love everything in the shop so it’s hard to pick. I have the cotton Canvas Tote in ochre and the nylon origami pouch in coyote brown already and use it all the time. I have my eye on the beautiful linens and ceramics, especially the Extra Tall Ceramic Pitcher in black and the Vegetable Donabe in black. Sunny also has the best taste in jewelry and I love the sculpted bangle w/ traveling bead that she picked out for the pop up.