Under the Influence: Stephanie Pappas

Stephanie Pappas| Dear Botanics| Sunnys Pop

Dear Botanics was born at the foot of the Catskill Mountains by native New Yorker Stephanie Pappas. Since moving to the Catskills in 2017, she has been learning to listen to the land and the whispers of her ancestors. Of Greek lineage, during long summers in Greece, her grandmother handed down traditions that taught her the gifts of the Earth and how to use them intuitively. Many of these ancient traditions have evolved over generations and have been adapted to address today's modern lifestyle.
Stephanie attended Arbor Vitae a School for Traditional Herbalism in NYC, The New York Institute of Aromatherapy, Bend and Bloom Yoga Teacher Training, and The Fashion Institute of Technology. Her Greek heritage, her love for yoga, plant medicine, travel, and all the beauty in the world have shaped her perspective on clean beauty and given her the tools to create Dear Botanics.
Dear Botanics are free from synthetics, carcinogens, environmental toxins, and filler. They are gentle on you and the planet.
We love Stephanie's vision and cannot wait to share it with you!
1. What is your favorite part of the creative process?
Conceptualizing a product is the most exciting part of my creative process. Often ideas come to me in the dreamscape. I otherwise may have an inspiration that I start to think about and then the experimentation begins.
2. What is your favorite creation that you have brought to existence?
Earth Body, was the first oil blend I made and is a best seller. I originally made this blend for my love at the time. He deeply inspired me in this life of Earth practices. Earth Body Oil | Stephanie Pappas | Dear Botanics| Sunny's Pop 
3. What aesthetic are you most drawn to?
Generally I am drawn to sleek, minimal, modern design. I, however, also love some things old and ethnic. I like to add a hint of this into what I am furnishing or wearing. I love the contrast.
4. What is your favorite room in the home?
My kitchen because that is where my ideas come into fruition.
5. What is your favorite design from Sunny’s Pop? 
It has to be the Seeded Glass Tumblers.