Under the Influence: Virginia Sin

One artist who is super in tune with a sustainable lifestyle is creator, Virginia Sin. Sunny's Pop is in awe of Virginia's talent to leave no clay unused when creating all of her pieces. Crafting everything from kitchen table necessities to avant-garde powder room accessories, her forms create a comfortable ambience in your home that seems to bring everything else to life.

When asked how to describe the brand, she claims "SIN is a Brooklyn-based home goods brand who's mission is to bring warmth and happiness to every home in the world by putting the fun in the functional." And we totally agree.


1. What is your favorite part of the creative process? 

The spark of the initial idea and the thrill of jotting it down immediately on paper or sketching it out in clay. 


2. What is your favorite creation that you have brought to existence?

That's a tough one. As my all-time favorite, I would have to say my Levitate, Meditation Platform Chair — a creation born from my childhood and my grandfather who I loved dearly. The frame uses traditional Chinese miter joinery, harnessing a soft weave surface to rest on. From our latest Spring collection, my favorite item is the Doline Vase (coming this April 2020)! I also love the rolling hills table lamp.


3. What aesthetic are you most drawn to? 

 I've always been drawn to the traditional Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi. 


4. What is your favorite room in the home?

As someone who lives to eat and loves to cook, I would have to say the kitchen.


5. What is your favorite design from Sunny’s Pop? 

Bartleby Object's unisex leather satchel


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