Under the Influence: Michael Loring Probst

Michael Loring Probst is the Founder & Creative Director of West Third Brand Fragrances. The niche fragrance house is renowned for their handcrafted, limited batch aromas, each scent, each aroma, one from the next is an easy-to-wear, minimalist blend, of earthy botanicals that evokes the brand’s quintessential effortless American style.


1. What is your favorite part of the creative process? 

Fragrance building! Creating fragrances in the classical sense in the way we do takes time, lots of time, nurturing, patience… endurance, and most times many, many tries before the definitive scent is born. Many ideas and concepts for our fragrances are born out of intuition, that are tied to influences from the past and/or current ones. However, this is where the story starts, and the notes are weaved around that story…while blending, the story becomes richer with lots of twist and turns.


2. What is your favorite creation that you have brought to existence?

Designing my home in Palm Springs, CA. 


3. What aesthetic are you most drawn to? 

For West Third Brand: Simple, Modern, 80s Minimalist. For my homes, I am fond of Spanish Revival architecture, with laid-back, casual interiors.  


4. What is your favorite room in the home? 

The great room in my Palm Springs, CA home... it is filled with light and love and is where everyone gathers. On one side it looks out on the inner courtyard garden with mountains vistas and on the other side the views are of the sparkling pool that is upstaged, and rightly so, by powerful and magical San Jacinto Mountains.  In Austin,TX… the dinning room, where friends and family gather to break bread and indulge in BBQ, and conversation….it feels very intimate with the fireplace, French doors and lighting. It also opens up onto an inner courtyard garden… I have a thing for courtyards! Ha! 


5. What is your favorite design from Sunny’s Pop?

I am really drawn to the art objects of Virginia Sin. The speckled clay knot is my favorite! I also love the overhand knots and clay candle sticks, and those gorgeous ceramic speckled mushrooms from RTH. 

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