Under the Influence: Ronald Anderson & David Rees

Ronald Anderson and David Rees are fine jewelers that have awed many with their delicate interpretations of jewelry inspired by nature and abstract forms. The fact they are self taught from the world of fashion makes the duo even more inspiring. The designers, based in Manhattan, have formed a cult following over their 25 years in business and it's easy to see why. We are lucky enough to showcase a collection of theirs for a limited time in our shop and online. Their jewelry holds a special place in my heart as it was the first piece of fine jewelry my husband, Mark, ever bought for me. He had saved up his per diem, at the end of the job he surprised me with this beautiful delicate  necklace, a silver chain with tiny beads, and a sliver of carnelian at the center. It has graced my neck for years and is still a piece a cherish to this day. Before running off to check them out at our shop, see what they had to say about their creative process.


1.What is your favorite part of the creative process?

David: I was just thinking about this the other day, I love taking a block of wax and carving it into a shape, or a ring or pendant or whatever. The process of creating something out of nothing is my favorite part.

Ron: I don’t really have one favorite part, it’s never the same process even after 20 years .


2. What is your favorite creation that you have brought to existence?

David: Such a hard question to answer! After 28 years of making things it’s usually the newest piece that is a favorite. There was a ring I made a while ago, a great big American Natural pearl and pave diamonds that I really loved.

Ron: A bronze object I made in my home. I lined up avocado seeds on a large shard from a broken Russel Wright Iroquois mug and poured wax over it. I then carved that wax into a bowl like object.


3. What aesthetic are you most drawn to?

We are both inspired by and drawn to the work of outsider artists of all categories. From museum level to local street artists that we have collected over the years. As self-taught jewelers we admire the work that gets created outside of the system, so to speak.


4. What is your favorite room in the home?

David: my studio

Ron: My bedroom, it’s completely silent


5. What is your favorite design from Sunny’s Pop?

You have a beautiful selection of our collection but I think my favorite is the Small Rock Crystal Fetish Charm Necklace