The Village Common

The Land Collection Natural candles


Each of these candles are inspired by "the land that connects us all." Crafted using a soy and coconut base, burns for 70+/- hours, and are all scented with a  variety of essential oils. Each candle comes in a recycled/ recyclable package. Best of all, they are hand poured, in small batches locally.

Appalachia: reminds us of late night campfires or a hike through the mountains. Essential oils include cade, cedarwood, peru balsam, and pine needle.

Sweet Atchafalaya: soft and clean wood notes remind us of southern wetlands. Essential oils include cypress, rosewood, and rosemary.
Back in Avenel: a floral scent with earthy notes leaves a deep sense of nostalgia. Essential oils include clary sage, geranium, and patchouli. 
10 oz.
made in: Catskill, NY

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