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Soma Restorative Bath Soak


Hand-harvested French grey salt + Epsom salt melt away aches and pains while encouraging a deep state of relaxation. Skin becomes silk in a sea of organic coconut milk, soothing oats + honey. Soma is then blended with Damiana Leaf, a South American aphrodisiac herb, to inspire feelings of calm while igniting sensuality. 

Add 2-3 capfuls of Soma to warm bathwater. The euphoric scent of Ylang Ylang + Cardamom lets you know it's time to soak away your stress. Enjoy for a minimum of 20 minutes for next-level relaxation. Each vessel contains enough milk bath for 4-6 soaks. 

Ingredients: A nourishing blend of organic botanicals, skin-soothing coconut milk, + french grey salt naturally scented with steam-distilled essential oils. 

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