We've been using our totes created in collaboration with Immodest Cotton and with no surprise, are LOVING them. Here's a sneak peak of what you might find one of us toting around on any given day.

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Sunny's Pop | Sunrise Ruffalo | What's in her bag? | shop now

Sunrise, founder of Sunny's Pop, dug in her bag and shared her essentials. Skin care is so important to her and she always makes sure to have her 'Mainstay Oil', Tsubo insect repellent (it's that time of year again), and sunscreen on hand. As an art fanatic, a Bose Soundlink flex speaker is a must and a compact italian watercolor box she found online at LDBA Studio (based in Santa Fe) is a great way to pass the time waiting for meetings or having a moment to herself relaxing. Lastly, as a Mom, she knows to never go anywhere without a few snacks and water. She found a great re-usable water bottle at the Tusten Cup, a local cafe in Narrowsburg, NY. 


Sunny's Pop | What's in her bag? | Immodest Cotton x Sunny's Pop| show now

Noel, the right-hand lady around the shop, is a huge lover of nature. She is always sure to keep a pack of CBD joints by Ant Hill Farm (at Narrowsburg Proper) with her. A compact pair of gardening snips is tucked in the front pocket for finding a great flower to press in her sketch book or a stunning branch to adorn the Sunny's Pop front window. A petite scarf with stellar, bright patterns doubles as a mask or hair tie from Mayer Wasner's next door in Narrowsburg. And of course, as a huge fan of Sunny's Pop, she always has Band of Outlaws Perfume, grape seed oil for her face, and the long leather zip wallet on hand or in the bag.


Sunny's Pop| What's in her bag? | Cassandra | Immodest Cotton x Sunny's Pop | Shop now

Cassandra, our newest addition to the team, keeps her bag stocked with things that keep her prepared for whatever might come up. As a woman always on the move hair clips, clawhammer mints, and Pink Grapefruit + Vanilla Lip Butter (at the Chi Hive in Narrowsburg) keeps her feeling fresh. Her favorite product now is the Damascan Rose Petal Spray at Sunny's Pop, kept in the front pocket. "What Kind of Woman" by Kate Baer stays in her tote for when she needs a touch of inspiration. And like Noel, loves the leather zip wallet but it in the more compact option. Lastly, a power mix of dried fruits and nuts is always inside for a quick pick-me-up. 

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* For any products listed at Sunny's Pop, but not available online, we are happy to accommodate sales via email or phone call.