Charles Farris

Charles Farris 3-wick candle


These candles smell as stunning as they appear. based on various scents of London, each candle is nestled inside a textured glass and hand-poured in England for a slow, even burn. They are made using only the highest quality local ingredients. 

The Grand Cascade I. candle smells of smoky cedar, moss, and amber. It is reminsent of London's industrial period of 1840's drawing inspiration from the smell of aged leather and woodsmoke. Composed of rasberry, lemon, and bergamot on top, jasmine, dewy leaf, moss, patchouli, and clove leaves in the middle, resting on a base of incense, leather, cedar, birch, and amber.

Redolent Fig IV. was inspired by the history figs hold within London's high society, and was created to smell of fresh wild figs and green accords. The scents are composed of three layers. Green, leafy fig, and cassis grace the top while dried fruits and rose linger in the middle; velvet woods, amber, and coconut make up the base.

British Expedition v. blend ingredients offering the scent of cloves, tobacco, and mint tea in honor of London's adventurous spirit. Composed of of apple, citrus, spearmint, and lemon on top, green leaf, eucalyptus, and jasmine in the middle, and resting on a base of pine, clove, and spice.


640 g. and burns for 80 hours. 




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